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Welsh Journal Online METS

For the VITAL ingest to work properly the METS produced by the Ccymod Project Database must include:

  • The title Bib Control Number (001) at the Journal Level
  • The article Bib Control Number (001) at the Article Level

Ingest Workflow

  • Ccymod Project Database produces METS at the 'Supra-Journal' Level
  • Ingest process produces 5 object types:
  • Supra-Journal Object
Contains metadata only
  • Journal Object
ispartof Supra-Journal Object
Contains metadata only
  • Issue Object
ispartof Journal Object
Contains metadata only
  • Article Object
ispartof Issue Object
Contains metadata only
  • Page Object
ispart of Article Object
Contains images & metadata
  • Ingest must interact with Virtua:
Create Holdings Records at Title and Article Level
  • What role is played by the holdlink table here? How are holdings linked to bibs?
Amend Bib records at Article level to remove/alter 500 fields
  • 500 fields to be edited/deleted will contatin a $5 WlAbNL

Outstanding Questions

  • Where is the OCR data going?
  • Will it be a separate object (linked to what level?) or part of an object (which level of object?)
  • Will we separate/consolodate it within VITAL on ingest?
  • What do other organisations do with their OCR data?