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Golygydd METS | METS Editor

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Datblygwyd meddalwedd Golygydd METS er mwyn cynnig ffordd o olygu dogfennau METS heb orfod defnyddio XML amrwd. Mae'r elfennau, tagiau, &c. a ddarperir yn y golygydd yn cyfateb i anghenion gwaith digido yn y Llyfrgell Genedlaethol.

The METS Editor is a Java Applet that is designed to assist with the creation and manipulation of information that is stored in METS files. This Applet has been created for the National Library of Wales, and focuses on the aspects of the METS Schema that are currently used. There are other aspects of METS that are not supported, although the editor will read in and save any additional elements.

The Applet is designed to edit the following information in a METS document: METS document info, the METS Header info, the Descriptive MetaData section (dmdSec), the Administrative MetaData section (amdSec) the File Section (fileSec) and the StructMap (structMap).

This software will be available for download soon!

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Header information

Copy and paste the following into your document.

<METS:mets xmlns:METS=""

--Vicky Phillips 13:57, 2 November 2012 (GMT)