List of MARC Fields mapped to VITAL Metadata

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MARC to METS (in VITAL) Mapping
From (MARC Tag & Subfields) To (Metadata Subfield) Notes
Dublin Core Data stream (Using Library of Congress MARC to DC conversion).
Each subfield specified is copied into the Dublin Core tag separated by a space.
245 $a $b$f $g $h and $k (separated by spaces) dc:title (repeatable for all 245)
100 or 110 or 111 or 700 or 710 or 711 or 720 dc:author (repeatable for all matching tags found)
leader 6 dc:type
655 dc:type (repeatable for all 655 found)
260 $a and $b dc:publisher (repeatable for all tags found)
260 $c dc:date (repeatable for all tags found)
Control Field 8 character 36 for three characters dc:language
856 $q dc:format (repeatable)
520 $a dc:description (repeatable)
521 $a dc:description (repeatable)
500-599 $a but not 506, 530, 540 and 546 dc:description (repeatable)
600 $a $b $c $d $q dc:subject (repeatable)
610 $a $b $c $d $q dc:subject (repeatable)
611 $a $b $c $d $q dc:subject (repeatable)
630 $a $b $c $d $q dc:subject (repeatable)
650 $a $b $c $d $q dc:subject (repeatable)
653 $a $b $c $d $q dc:subject (repeatable)
752 $a $b $c $d dc:coverage (repeatable)
530 $a $b $c $d $u dc:relation (repeatable)
760, 762, 765, 767, 770, 772, 773, 774, 775, 776, 777, 780, 785, 786, 787 $o $t dc:relation
020 $a dc:identifier (URN:ISBN: inserted before value)
506 $a dc:rights
540 $a dc:rights
Straight from MARC
245 $a Label of the METS document (root node)
001 link to the MARC record in Virtua To METS:source/METS:mdRef
To MODS (Contains the Date the images were created)
245 $a mods:title and the Structural Map used for Display
100 $a mods:name (Author)