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A collection of offair recordings made at the library. This is a growing collection and currently stands at 42,564 recordings (31 May 2012)

Search cat using an anywhere keyword search for offairdigv for Video and offairdiga for Radio


Search the Ballads Skin

  • llgc-id:1060373 - Brwydr Abyssinia a'r Brenin Theodore wedi ei ladd, yr 11eg o Ebrill 1868. 19th Century Ballad (METS-VITAL02)

John Thomas

A collection of 4,407 photographs taken by John Thomas. Initially for the peoples collection but also to Europeana through the Europeana Libraries project.

Tirlun Cymru

A collection of 5,266 Welsh Landscapes initially submitted to the Peoples Collection but also to Europeana through the Europeana Libraries project.

Drawing Volumes

577 Drawing Volumes (30,252 pages) submitted to Europeana Travel Project

  • Drawing Volume (METS-WlAbNL02-DrawingVol-volume)
    • Page (METS-WlAbNL01-DrawingVol-page)


A collection of Electronic Thesis from Welsh Universities. Currently contains contributions from:

  • Thesis (NLW_Ethos_Mets)
    • Page (NLW_Ethos_Mets_file)

PB Abery

P.B. Abery came to Builth Wells in 1898 from Folkestone in Kent, and became a noted and popular local photographer. He owned a photography studio in the town and was the official photographer for the Birmingham Water Works at the Elan Valley. He was also a regular contributor to the national daily newspapers, and the sporting and agricultural weeklies.

1,816 photographs loaded for the Peoples Colleciton.

Guto'r Glyn

33 Manuscripts digitised for the Ganolfan as part of a project involving Swansea University on Guto'r Glyn manuscripts.

  • Brogyntyn 1.2 (METS-WlAbNL02-GutorGlyn-manuscript - model:parent)
    • Page 1 (METS-WlAbNL01-GutorGlyn-page - model:page-image)

John Warwick Smith

Collection formed at the National Library of Wales of all its holdings of original work by John Warwick Smith. 162 images sent to the Peoples Collection:

Maps Collection

Collection of 41 maps, see http://www.llgc.org.uk/drychdigidol/map/MAP00001/index.html?lng=en&start=1.

Geoff Charles Collection

SCIF Journals

SCIF Newspapers

Saints Manuscripts UCL (Guto'r Glyn 2)

WW1 Archives

WW1 Photobooks

WW1 Photographs


Saints Manuscripts

Medical Collection

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