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The METS documents created for Profeb will be based on METS-VITAL02 (parent) and METS-VITAL01 (child) profiles.

Parent record

Root element Use the following ID= local control number of bibliographic record LABEL = use MARC21 tag 245 $a,$k,$f TYPE= use 'Manuscript language material' OBJID= handle for METS object PROFILE= METS-VITAL02


The metsHdr section will include the following default values:

  <METS:name>Manon Foster Evans</METS:name>
  <METS:name>Lyn Lewis Dafis</METS:name>

Also defaults for NLW as disseminator and custodian as in example document.


Include MODS metadata wrap.

<mods:title> element to be filled from MARC21 tag 245$a$k$f.

Add <mods:subTitle> element with default value "electronic version".

Include <mods:name> element with value from MARC21 tag 720 $a and should have attribute TYPE="PERSONAL"; include a <mods:name> element for every instance of MARC21 tag 720 in the biblographic record.

Include <mods:recordIdentifier> element - handle?

Second dmdSec as per example record for DC datastream.

Third dmdSec as per example record for RDF datastream.



Include <METS:rightsMD> element. We will come back to the detail on this. Initially access should be limited to those physically at NLW, and should be given access to reference and zoomify versions of the file.

Also include second <METS:rightsMD> element as in example document for Premis rights metadata.


Include <METS:sourceMD> element as in example record with pointer to the MARC21 bibliographic record on Virtua.


Files listed in tags 856 should be turned into div'ed pages in structural map. I.e. top div for the will and following div's for the pages. Should be labelled as follows.

Top div. Label to be derived from tag 852 $h, i.e. the will number in form B1752-42.

Child record

ID= digital still image file name LABEL= MARC21 tag 245 $a,$k,$f, [page #] TYPE= Manuscript language material OBJID= handle PROFILE= METS-VITAL01


As in parent record

dmdSec As in parent record but with following additions: Add [page #] to title Include <dateCreated element> derived from MIX Include default <physicalDescription> element as in example document.

Second dmdSec as in parent record

Third dmdSec as in example document to preserve original name of digital still image file

Fourth dmdSec as in example document for RELS-EXT. All part of the Profeb collection.



First techMD element for MIX metadata As in example document.

Second techMD element for PREMIS metadata. As in example document.

Third techMD element for PREMIS metadata. As in example document.

rightsMD First rightsMD element As in parent record.

Second rightsMD element for Premis rights as in example document.

sourceMD As in parent record.

digiprovMD As in example record

fileSec Derive fileSec information from 856 tags in bibliographic record.

Create 4 fileGrp elements for use type archive, reference, thmubnail, and zoom.

Include the following defaults: archive mimetype="image/tiff" reference mimetype="image/jpeg" (need to check this) thumbnail mimetype="image/jpeg" (need to check this) zoom mimetype="image/pff"

Link fileGrp elements to amdSec elements as in example document.

FLocat element should be dervied from tag 856 $u with following conventions. Use same file name but with the following extensions. archive files to have extension ".tif" reference files to have extension ".jpg" thumbnail files to have extension "_t.jpg" zoom files to have extension ".pff"


Include 1 div for individual page. ORDER="1", DMDID links to dmdSec elements, LABEL derived from tag 245 $a, $k, $f, [page #], TYPE="page"