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eventidentifierType will be the MARC institution code for the National Library of Wales, WlAbNL.

eventidentifierValue NLW will maintain a list of eventidentifierValue values. Here it is:

CREATE_DERIVED_FILES-001 = creating reference files from archive file.

CREATE_DERIVED_FILES-002 = creating thumbnail files from archive file.

CREATE_DERIVED_FILES-003 = creating zoom files from archive file.

CREATE_DERIVED_FILES-004 = creating zoom files from reference file.

CREATE_DERIVED_FILES-005 = creating 50% PNG files from archive file.

CREATE_DERIVED_FILES-006 = creating AbbyFineReader from archive file.

CREATE_DERIVED_FILES-007 = creating Text file from archive file.

CREATE_DERIVED_FILES-008 = creating ALTO file from AbbyFineReader file.

DISSEMINATION-001 = retrieving an object from repository storage and making it available to users.

FIXITY_CHECK-001 = fixity check using UNIX checksum programs.

FORMAT_VALIDATION-001 = format validation using Jhove.

FORMAT_VALIDATION-002 = format validation using Droid.

FORMAT_VALIDATION-003 = format validation using MediaInfo.

IMAGE_OPTIMISATION-001 = image optimisation using i2S Book Restorer software.

INGESTION-001 = ingestion through NLW Vital ingest programme.

MERGE_DATA = merging of additional data with data currently held by NLW e.g. data received back from external supplier e.g. Jouve.

MESSAGE_DIGEST_CALCULATION-001 = message digest calculaton using UNIX checksum programs.

REPLICATION-001 = creating a copy of an object that is, bitwise, identical to the original.

VIRUS_CHECK-001 = virus check using UNIX virus checking programs.


NLW will maintain a list of eventType values. This list is mainly taken from the suggestions in the Premis data dictionary. Types added at NLW are indicated with (NLW). Here it is:

capture = the process whereby a repository actively obtains an object [CAP]

compression = the process of coding data to save storage space or transmission time [COM]

create derived files = the process of creating derived files from archive file [CDF] (NLW)

deaccession = the process of removing an object from the inventory of a repository [DEA]

decompression = the process of reversing the effects of compression [DEC]

decryption = the process of converting encrypted data to plaintext [DCP]

deletion = the process of removing an object from repository storage [DEL]

digital signature validation = the process of determining that a decrypted digital signature matches an expected value [DSV]

dissemination = the process of retrieving an object from repository storage and making it available to users [DI]

fixity check = the process of verifying that an object has not been changed in a given period [FC]

ingestion = the process of adding objects to a preservation repository [I]

merge = the process of merging enhanced data received back from external supplier with what is already held with NLW [MRG]

message digest calculation = the process by which a message digest (“hash”) is created [MDC]

migration = a transformation of an object creating a version in a more contemporary format [M]

normalization = a transformation of an object creating a version more conducive to preservation [N]

replication = the process of creating a copy of an object that is, bit-wise, identical to the original [R]

validation = the process of comparing an object with a standard and noting compliance or exceptions [V]

virus check = the process of scanning a file for malicious programs [VC]

image optimisation = the process of improving image quality [IO] (NLW)


Value will be composed of event type abbreviation with event outcome code, e.g. FC-001, successful fixity check; I-004, ingestion failure due to unknown hardware issue; VC-005, virus check failure due to unknown software issue. [Need to look at how to record 'expected' failures]

success 001

partial success 002

failure 003 (known data)

004 (unknown hardware)

005 (unknown software)

006 (unknown data)

Implemented outcomes

These outcome codes will need to be added to as required to deal mainly with new error conditions.

CDF-001 = derived files successfully created

CDF-003 = derived files not successfully created

DI-001 = Object disseminated successfully

DI-006 = Unable to disseminate object

I-001 = successful ingestion

FC-001 = checksum matched

FC-003 = checksum failed to match

FV-001 = valid format

FV-003 = invalid format

MDC-001 = successful message digest calculation

MRG-001 = merging of data has been successful

RI-001 = replication of object successful

VC-001 = no virus found

VC-003 = virus found

Agent Entity


agentIdentifierType will be the MARC institution code for the National Library of Wales, WlAbNL except where using external resources where URI or other uniquely assigned identifier is available. The agentIdentifierType will then use those values.


agentIdentifierValue will be a controlled textual form of name.

List of local and external agentIdentifierValues

Need to add information and details concerning various programs.

CDAS_SOFTWARE = CDAS (CD Accessioning Software)

DROID_SOFTWARE = DROID (Digital Record Object Identification)

JOUVE_SOFTWARE = software used by Jouve in creation of ALTO files.

JOUVE = This notes that external company Jouve was involved in the event.

KAKADU_SOFTWARE = Kakadu software used to generate JPEG2000 files (jp2)

NLW_INGEST-001 = v.1.0

NLW_MERGE_SOFTWARE-001 = software developed by NLW to merge data received from Jouve with original data held by NLW.

NORTON-001 = Norton virus check v. ### = Jhove v. 1.0

UNIX_TOOLS-001 = Run UNIX Checksum on an Image

JAVA_TOOLS-001 = Run JAVA Checksum on an Image

SOFTWARE-001 = Photoshop

SOFTWARE-002 = Zoomify Enterprise Version 3.0

SOFTWARE-003 = ABBYY FineReader Engine

SOFTWARE-004 = AbbyyToAlto

SOFTWARE-005 = i2S Book Restorer

HARDWARE-001 = Apple Mac Pro