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The first class of object is

  • a simple object,
  • with MARC21 record,
  • with 1 to 1 relationship between object and MARC21 record,
  • with no existing METS document for the object,
  • with no existing METS document for the collection.

This class of object includes collections such as Framed works of art, John Thomas, Tirlun Cymru.

For migration purposes this class can be divided into further subclasses (!) depending on the nature and form of the existing metadata.

Class 1 object METS document

The latest version of the test METS document: File:Prawf01.xml (last updated: 2006-09-08).

Here are notes and questions which need further attention on theis class of METS document in top level element order.

  1. Class 1 object Root
  2. Class 1 object metsHdr
  3. Class 1 object dmdSec
  4. Class 1 object amdSec